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Hack Universal selector with a bug for slot machines

Hacker Slot: Hack Universal-selector with a bug for slot machines

Universal selector for gaming machines

There are two version of "Universal-selector" for slot machines

1. "Percent selector" - is used to lower the main percent of return slot machines. That is if percent selector set in a gaming machine that such apparatus becomes greedy, less than 70% return. Today, many such installed "percent-selectors" and they earn a lot of money for the casino. In this gaming machine,will be very difficult wineven a small prize.

2. "Bug Universal-Selector" - visually no visible difference between percent selector. The difference is the software. "Bug Universal-Selector" has a virus program to get big winnings. That is if you set the "Bug Universal-Selector" in a gaming machine you can get big winnings at any time.
Secret way how to win on slot machines will only be known the man which would establish a "Bug Universal-Selector" in the gaming machine. Only this man will know how to activate a virus program and compel give jack pot or bonus the gaming machine.

chek "Bug Universal-Selector" is a universal device and automatically adjusts for any version of Novomatic machines.

chek To install the selector is not required to determine the firmware version how on simm-module.

chek One selector you can Reuse Many Times and on any slot machine Novomatic: Gaminator, Admiral, Hot Spot and Cobra.

chek Installed percentage selector with a bug in slot machine introduces a bug ALL GAMES on this machine.

The various variants "Bug Universal-Selector"

You can choose any variant Bug Universal-Selector.
Is better to choose one that that looks like a installed in your slot machine.

Selector on the controller: At89s8253
Selector on the controller AT89S8253
Selector on the controller: ATmega128A
Selector on the controller ATmega128A

Selector on the controller: ATtiny2313, ATtiny4313
Selector on the controller ATTINY2313 ATTINY4313
The BUG controllers for selector: ATtiny2313, ATtiny4313
The controllers for selector

Selector on the controller: ATtiny2313
Selector on the controller ATTINY2313
Selector on the controller: ATtiny48
Selector on the controller ATtiny48

Super hidden microchip to win
Chip hidden installation plastic BDM-connector under microprocessor
for more information Chip hidden  

Activation bug to enable the virus code and the issuance of winning

There are two variants of the activator (can install only one).

chek Fixed (unchanged) activator
- this activator has only one fixed combination that you can not change. Shall be issued instruction.

chek Variable (changing) activator
- this activator changes the code on new, after each activation.
For variable-activator additionally will be sent the program for help. Program creates a new activation code for input into the gaming machine.

program to create the activation keys, for the computer version
Double PC program for Novomatic
for mobile phones
Double Mobile program for Novomatic

Installing "Bug Universal-Selector" the Novomatic: Gaminator, Admiral, Hot Spot and Cobra

chek In order to set the "Bug Universal-Selector" the gaming machine need to

Open the door of the gaming machine and pull out the electronics module with iron box.
selector the gaming machine Novomatic

In the electronicboard need to pull out video card (left)
selector the gaming machine Gaminatot

Beneath this graphics card, reside socket for installation a "Bug Universal-Selector"
installation a bug selector the gaming machine Novomatic

Install the "Bug Universal-Selector"
Install selector bug the gaming machine Novomatic

After this, set into place video card and the electronics board in an iron box.
selector the gaming machine Novomatic

End. Now it is possible enable slot machine.

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