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Chip in Plastic - a secret way to win at slot machines

Chip in plastic secret win slot machines
Chip in Plastic - represents the ordinary plastic connector with a hidden chip therein allowing to to win on slot machines.

This connector easily installed the board game machine instead of the native. How to install You can read on this page.

Microchip pre hidden in the plastic connector and main task - set a connector on the board slot machine.

Later a connector will not detect that allows get big wins anytime.

Hidden microchip able to work a installed percent-selector.

The "Plastics" on the board slot machine

Plastic with a microchip installed set instead of plastic BDM connector the board slot machine. Proper connector located under the first video card.
Plastic with a microchip installed set

Desoldering connector is not required, enough remove it from the contacts. It's easy to do using a flat screwdriver. Need with little effort (push down on the neighboring connectors and bolts) extrude the plastic housing upstairs by working with a screwdriver on both sides.
installed set slot machine

Plastic is easy to pop out of the contacts. Is now remains the only set the similar plastic with pre-installed microchip and regain all in reverse order.

Working principle with Plastic

chek There are several versions of Plastics with Microchip:

  • Work in pairs with any percentage-selector, falls asleep and does not include, Unless percentage-selector not be removed or deactivated.

  • Work in pairs with any percentage-selector, disables the percent-selector, after some time and begins to work independently.

One plastic chip work on ALL VERSIONS of slot machines Novomatic, Gaminator, Admiral, Hot Spot Platinum and Cobra.
Do not cause crashing or reload gaming machine.
Have their greed by 60% -70%.
Work with variable or fixed activator.

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