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Hacker Slot: Key Pick-lock for slot game machines

Key lockpick for slot game machines Key lockpick for round locks (slot machines and payment terminals)

Key lock-pick or universal key for slot machines, payment terminals applies for dissection, hacking round tubular locks on different number pins (pins pressing). Should be noted that the key lock-pick does not break the locks (hacking), and opens and closes, leaving no traces mechanical impact.

In contrast to the force hacking universal key lock-pick leaves no evidence hacking.

In case you have lost real keys from gaming slot machines or terminal it is not necessary to rush to drill the lock. In this case, you definitely will help professional instrument - universal key.

You can buy universal key for gaming machines, capable of opening even such locks in which the needle are under great pressure the spring. Each key has a comfortable handle.

All instruments are thoroughly tested to detect defects and working capacity


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