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Hidden microchip for slot machines universal device slot machines Gaminator, Novomatic, Admiral, HotSpot Platinum and Cobra

Hacker Slot: Hidden microchip for slot machines - universal device

chek For only slot machines Gaminator, Novomatic, Admiral, HotSpot Platinum and Cobra

hidden microchip for slot machines device Gaminator Novomatic Admiral HotSpot Platinum Cobra

The real secret way to win at slot machine - To establish a micro chip in such a place, where his will be impossible to detect. That is required hide a micro chip in a slot machine and only then get enough of big winnings at any time.

chek To install a micro chip

you must be able to understand the electronic circuits and have sufficient skills in the radio the mounting skills. Details on installing the You will get buying a micro chip.

chek Installing the microchip in the gaming machine Novomatic

Micro chip is a universal device and will work on all versions of Novomatic gaming machines (CoolFire-1). That is not required to know firmware version and the number of the machine, microchip works on all versions!
When you install a microchip slot machine do not need to to null all the statistics remain the same. Microchip has a greedy program a similar to the percentage selector and prizes distribution is 70%.

chek Under way to install a microchip processor

The complexity lies in the accurate dismantling of the processor and install a micro chip under it, for this in advance, on-board you must be prepared by a slight indentation. After that you need to mount the processor back into place.

hide under the microchip processor Novomatic



The list of firmware versions on which works microchip:

Gaminator 1: v.5.4-18
Gaminator 1: v.5.4-23
Gaminator 1: v.5.5-5
Gaminator 1: v.5.6-0
Gaminator 4: v.5.4-19
Gaminator 4: v.5.4-23
Gaminator 4: v.5.4-25
Gaminator 4: v.5.4-25c
Gaminator 4: v.5.4-27
Gaminator 4: v.5.5-3
Gaminator 4: v.5.5-5
Gaminator 4: v.5.5-6
Gaminator 4: v.5.5-8
Gaminator 4: v.5.5-9
Gaminator 4: v.5.5-10
Gaminator 4: v.5.5-10a
Gaminator 4: v.5.6-0
Gaminator 4: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 4: v.5.6-10
Gaminator 4: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 4: v.5.6-13
Gaminator 4: v.5.7-0
Gaminator 4: v.5.8-7
Gaminator 5: v.5.6-0
Gaminator 6: v.5.4-29
Gaminator 6: v.5.5-9
Gaminator 6: v.5.5-10
Gaminator 6: v.5.5-9
Gaminator 6: v.5.6-0
Gaminator 6: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 6: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 7: v.5.5-0
Gaminator 7: v.5.5-6
Gaminator 7: v.5.5-8
Gaminator 7: v.5.5-10a
Gaminator 7: v.5.6-4
Gaminator 7: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 8: v.5.5-0
Gaminator 8: v.5.5-2
Gaminator 8: v.5.5-2c
Gaminator 8: v.5.5-9
Gaminator 8: v.5.5-10
Gaminator 8: v.5.6-0
Gaminator 8: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 9: v.5.5-1
Gaminator 9: v.5.6-0
Gaminator 10: v.5.5-5
Gaminator 10: v.5.5-8
Gaminator 10: v.5.5-9
Gaminator 10: v.5.5-10
Gaminator 10: v.5.5-10a
Gaminator 10: v.5.6-1
Gaminator 10: v.5.6-4
Gaminator 10: v.5.6-4
Gaminator 10: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 10: v.5.6-10
Gaminator 10: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 10: v.5.5-10
Gaminator 11: v.5.5-8
Gaminator 11: v.5.6-0
Gaminator 11: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 12: v.5.5-6
Gaminator 12: v.5.6-0
Gaminator 12: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 12: v.5.6-10
Gaminator 16: v.5.5-10
Gaminator 16: v.5.6-1
Gaminator 16: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 16: v.5.6-8
Gaminator 16: v.5.6-10
Gaminator 16: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 16: v.5.7-0
Gaminator 17: v.5.5-10
Gaminator 17: v.5.6-0
Gaminator 17: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 18: v.5.5-10
Gaminator 18: v.5.6-0
Gaminator 18: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 18: v.5.6-10
Gaminator 18: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 19: v.5.6-0
Gaminator 19: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 19: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 20: v.5.6-0
Gaminator 20: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 20: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 21: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 21: v.5.6-8
Gaminator 21: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 22: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 22: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 23: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 23: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 29: v.5.6-8
Gaminator 29: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 30: v.5.6-10
Gaminator 30: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 31: v.5.6-10
Gaminator 31: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 36: v.5.7-20
Gaminator 39: v.5.8-2
Gaminator 39: v.5.8-6
Gaminator N1: v.5.8-2
Gaminator N1: v.5.8-2
Gaminator N2: v.5.8-6
MegaKatok5: v.5.7-1
MegaKatok8: v.5.8-2
HotSpot Platinum: v.5.7-3
HotSpot Platinum: v.5.7-10
HotSpot Platinum: v.5.7-23
HotSpot Platinum: v.5.8-2
Gaminator 4you GAMES4Y2: v.5.6-0
Gaminator 4you GAMES4Y2: v.5.6-4
Gaminator 4you GAMES4Y2: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 4you GAMES4Y3: v.5.6-4
Gaminator 4you GAMES4Y3: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 4you GAMES4Y3: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 4you GAMES4Y3: v.5.8-7
Gaminator 4you GAMES4Y4: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 4you GAMES4Y4: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 4you GAMES4Y5: v.5.6-12
Gaminator 4you GAMES4Y6: v.5.6-5
Gaminator 4you GAMES4Y7: v.5.6-5A
Multi-Gaminator 11 v 5.8-5
Multi-Gaminator 16 v 5.8-6
Multi-Gaminator 16 v 5.8-8
Multi-Gaminator 19 v 5.8-8
Multi-Gaminator 29 v 5.8-8A
Multi-Gaminator 38 v 5.8-12
Multi-Gaminator 39 v 5.8-12
Multi-Gaminator N2 v 5.8-12
Cobra C1: v.5.8-2
Cobra C1: v.5.8-6
Cobra C2: v.5.8-2
Cobra C2: v.5.8-6
Cobra C3: v.5.7-26
Cobra C3: v.5.8-6
Cobra C4: v.5.8-2
Cobra C4: v.5.8-7
Cobra C5: v.5.8-2
Cobra C5: v.5.8-7
Gaminator Cobra 1 v 5.8-8A
Gaminator Cobra 1 v 5.8-12
Gaminator Cobra 2 v 5.8-8A
Gaminator Cobra 2 v 5.8-12
Gaminator Cobra 3 v 5.8-8A
Gaminator Cobra 3 v 5.8-12
Gaminator Cobra 4 v 5.8-8A
Gaminator Cobra 4 v 5.8-12
Gaminator Cobra 5 v 5.8-8

Video demonstration of the work of bug firmware on the game: Book Of Ra

Win on the slot machine

Win on the slot machine

Win on the slot machine

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Win on the slot machine

Win on the slot machine

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