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Firmware and simm-Modules Hack slot Novomatic Gaminator Admiral

Firmware and Simm-Modules for Hacking slot machines: Novomatic, Gaminator, Admiral

chek Hacking slot machines Gaminator, Novomatic, Admiral, HotSpot Platinum and Cobra

Hacking slot machines Gaminator Novomatic Admiral represents way of changing softwaremore precisely introduction a mistake (bug) - into the program qualifies you to win..

chek In what way to introduce the gaming machine error - "bug"?

For starters, this is the required be written a bug in the program. Program at the slot machines located in flash memory on the "Flash SIMM-modules". Recording thither is made through special equipment - programmer. Of course, for this you need to have reserve, or better yet a new module at yourself.

If you have a problem with the recording simm-module, you can always buy from us ready-made.

Flash simm-module for Gaminator Novomatic Admiral
bug flash simm module Gaminator Novomatic Admiral



chek SIMM Flash Progger (Programmer)

- this device is intended for erasing and reprogramming simm flash module. To buy SIMM Flash Progger click the link: buy SIMM Flash Progger

SIMM Flash Progger Programmer Gaminator Novomatic Admiral

Installing the the simm-module in slot machine

Now that we have at hand a ready-written module with a bug, is necessary - insert it into the slot machine instead of the original. That is the challenge is to change a module with the program for bugs. And only after it make a replacement for an opportunity winning gaming machine.

After the you have created a module the bugs and opened the door of the gaming machine, you will need to pull out a box of electronics of apparatus. Do not forget to turn the power off of the gaming machine! Otherwise, it can lead to breakage apparatus.

Gaminator Novomatic Admiral

In the iron box is located a motherboard Novomatic slot machine. On this motherboard there are three flash module with the program. Subject to replacement is only the second module. The installation does not take much time. If you have ever removed RAM on your home computer, then generally not make the big work.

To remove the module needs a little bend the to the side metal holders and module itself to jump out of the landing pads.
Inverse installation even easier.
Set the module at a slight angle in connector and straighten it. Holders themselves buttoned. When installing the module, observe the the label - "the groove". It must match the groove in the socket.

hack Gaminator Novomatic Admiral

After you install module firmware bugs, you can collect all back and include gaming machine.
When you first turnmay appear the error: "door was opened," easily resets by turning the key administrator.
Now all the machine is ready.
You can make sure and look at the statistics, all counters remained unchanged - nothing is lost.
The device continues operate as before.

Firmware simm-module versions for gaming machines Novomatic, Gaminator, Admiral

So how SIM module can work only under one version, of the firmware that needed be able to define the current version of the gaming machine (which will be hacking). These modules are installed on all slot machines: Novomatic, Gaminator, Admiral, HotSpot Platinum and Cobra!

firmware version Gaminator Novomatic

Determine the version of the gaming machine is a simple procedure:
- need to turn the key administrator
- enter the menu: "DIAGNOSTIC"
- and there in the submenu "PROGRAM VERSIONS"
- example definition versions on photos: "Gaminator 10, v.5.6-5"

Or another, even easier way - switch off the power and turn on the machine. At boot time it will show its version.


Versions of the bug for Simm-modules

star Bug on Doubling (no activator, need a man assistant and computer)
- doubling mode slot machine displays the the suit card of the prepared in advance list. List of cards you upload on your computer and your assistant dictates the to you (by phone or by other means) what color card will give is now slot machine.

star Bug on Doubling Plus (with activator)
- activator used. After you enter the activator slot machine allows doubling on any color card 20 times in a row.

star Bug on Bonus (with activator)
- activator used. After you enter the activator slot machine displays an (after 3 or 5 turning reels) "bonus". Under the order slot machine can give in the "bonus" else "bonuses" or "jackpot".

star Bug on Jackpot (with activator)
- activator used. After you enter the activator slot machine displays an (after 3 or 5 turning reels) "jackpot" - max symbols in the game. Under the order slot machine can give in the "bonus" else "jackpot".


Video demonstration of the work of bug firmware on the game: Book Of Ra

Win on the slot machine

Win on the slot machine

Win on the slot machine

Video demonstration on the game: American Poker

Win on the slot machine

Win on the slot machine

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